Refuge Ishinca

Built in the middle of a great crown of peaks in the summer of 1998 by the children of the oratory of the Andes, in memory of Julio Rocca and Father Daniel Badillo “Martyrs of Charity”.
We have radio coverage with operations base in Marcará (Ancash).

  • Altitude: 4350 m
  • Place: Ishinca Base Camp
  • Mountains to climb: Tocllaraju, Palcaraju, Urus, Ishinca and Ranrapalca
  • Open: June to september
  • Capacity: 60 beds in shared rooms with cabins, restaurant service, heating, toilet with hot shower.
  • Access: Transport from Huaraz or Marcara you will reach Paltay by the main road of Callejón de Huaylas, from there you go up a road to the town of Collón or Pashpa, from there a light walk of 4 hours on a path marked between forests queñuales until the shelter. This road is also covered by mountain bike.
  • Activities: Visit the turquoise green Cullicocha lagoon below the wall of the Tocllaraju and Palcarraju mountains.