Fom Huascaran to the Pacific


15D/ 14N

Tour type

Mountain bike

Tour altitude

4767 M

Group size

2 to 10 people.


This Mountainbike-Roundtrip through the Andes is a memorable experience. Up and down through Andean valleys with spectacular mountains, a population with roots of a thousand years, arrive at a 4890 m pass and descent all the way down to the Pacific. You can experience all these fantastic things in Peru.
In Marcará, a village that can be reached from Huaraz in 30 minutes per taxi, is the location of the headquarter of our company, the “Centro de Andinismo Casarotto”.
The tour:
This tour can only be started after an acclimatisation period of 3-4 days as we will be on an altitude of more than 3,000 meters (queda por discutir: en todo el documento para la clientes norte americanos indicar las unidades de medida americano (feet por altitud, miles por distancia)?) The acclimatisation will take place in the surroundings of our headquarter in a unique and beautiful area.

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Tour Program


Day 01
Marcara 2,750 m– Vicos 3,060m.
After breakfast we will prepare the bikes. In the evening we will take a little tour to visit the village Vicos. Distance: 15 km (miles), maximum altitude: 3,060 m, ascent: 310 m, descent: 310 m
Day 02
Marcara - Copa Grande- Copa Chico
Very interesting Tour: On a country road we will drive past fields and characteristic villages. Distance: 20 km. Maximum altitude. 3,400 m, Ascent: 650 m. Descent: 650 m.
Day 03
Fanstastic ride, which allows us to visit mysterious archeological sites such as Honcapampa and to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Distance 40 km. Maximum altitude 3,700 m. Ascent: 950 m. Descent: 950 m.
Day 04
Marcara2750– Cordillera Negra2700 – Punta Olimpica 4736 – Chacas 3500m.
Very informative tour which offers spectactular views of the Cordillera Blanca and enables us to see Puya Raimondi, a plant that is endemic in the Andes. Distance: 46 km. Maximum altitude: 4,100 m. Ascent: 1,810 m. Descent: 1,810 m.
Day 05
Marcara – Ultapampa
By bus we will climb up to Carhuaz where we'll get on our bikes. Our route will cross the village Shilla and then steadily climb up a new tarmac road and finally pass the check point of the Huascarán National Park. From there we will reach our first campsite Ultapampa on 3945 m. Distance: 35 km. Maximum altitude: 3,945m. Ascent: 1,340.
Day 06
Ultapampa (3,945 m) ・ Punta Olimpica (4,890 m) ・ Chacas (3,360 m)
The hardest day of the tour: We zigzag up to the highest pass of the Cordillera Blanca. From there, we enjoy the view onto the surrounding mountains and the Quenales forest and especially onto our descent to Chacas. Distance: 33 miles Maximum altitude: 4,890m. Ascent: 1,005. Descent: 1,550.
Day 07
Chacas – Paso Pupash 4,050 m – Yanama 3,400 m.
After visiting the pictureseque village Chacas we continue on the main road to the bridge "Puente de Acocha", from where we will cycle towards the villages Sapcha and Wecroncocha until we finally reach the Pupash pass. From here we have a view onto the Cordillera Blanca. Raca Single Trek descent to Yanama. Distance 52 km. Maximum altitude: 4,050 m. Ascent: 1,400 m. Descent: 1,265 m.
Day 08
Yanama (3,400 m) Paso de Portachuelo de Llanganuco (4,769m). – Caraz
This is a long and exhausting day. Early in the morning we'll get on our bikes and start ascending. With continuous view of the Chacraraju we gain height until we reach the Partachuelo pass. .From there we have a great view on the impressive north face of the Huascarán and the peaks Chacraraju, Huandoy und Chopicalqui. After this enduring ascent and the recompense by the landscape we start our descent towards Caraz. We will overnight in a hotel Distance: 90km. Maximum altitude: 4,767 m. Ascent: 1,100 m. Descent: 2,269 m.
Day 09
Caraz 2,290 m– Lag de Parón 4,200 m.
After breakfast we start on familiar route, passing fields on which flours and Quiwicha and Quinoa, typical grains of the area, are grown. We will reach a narrow canyon, in which we will gain height until we get to the Quenales forest.nuales Wald gelangen. We will overnight in tents. Distance: 34 km. Maximum altitude: 4,200 m. Ascent: 1,850 m. Descent: 0.
Day 10
Laguna de Parón 4,200 m. – Caraz 2,290 m.
After hiking around the Laguna we start our ascent to the city of Caraz. Distance: 34 km. Maximum altitude: 4,200m. Ascent: 0 m. Descent: 1850 m.
Day 11
Caraz 2,290 – Cañón del Pato 1,200m – Chuquicara 550m.
We start from the north of Caraz into the narrow valley, that devides Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra, the CAÑON DEL PATO. IIn this narrow gorge you can see how Andean landscape turns desert-like within a few kilometers. Distance: 160 km. Ascent: 500 m. Descent: 1,740.
Day 12
Chuquicara 550 m・ Trujillo 100 m.
Today we will undertake a different kind of tour: We will cycle along the famous and frequented Pan-American Highway (Panamericana). We will see the water coming from the Andes transfers large desert areas into land that can be cultivated and we will encounter trucks that transport sugar cane. Arrival in Trujillo. We will overnight in a hotel Distance: 140 km. Ascent: 740 m. Descent: 1,100 m.
Day 13
City tour of Trujillo

After a rich breakfast we will visit the fascinating terrain of the northern Peruvian cultures. We will visit the temple of the sun and the tempel of the moon of the Mochica culture (1st to 6th century), the citadelle of Chan Chan, the Tschudi palace and the seaside resort Huanchaco. Our tour will end in the late afternoon. We will stay one more night in Trujillo.

Day 14
Trujillo – Lima

After breakfast we will start our return trip to Lima.

Day 15
Lima: Transport to the airport
In the morning we will visit the gold museum and then enjoy a buffet lunch. We will then bring you back to your hotel and afterwards to the airport to board your flight home.

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