Huayna Potosi & Illimani


16D / 15N

Tour type


Tour altitude

6542 M

Group size

2 to 10 people.


The Huayna Potosi is located near the city of La Paz. It’s a very popular mountain as it’s close to the capital city. The Huayna Potosi has two summits, the north summit at (6094 m.), and the south summit at (5960 m.). The normal path will lead you to the north Summit from which you will be able to appreciate the amazing view and a unique sunrise over La Paz and the tropical slope.
The Huayna Potosi offers other alternatives with more technical difficulties, like the French Route on the south side and the West Side path for the most audacious ones.

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Tour Program


Day 01
Upon arrival in La Paz, take a taxi to our hotel
Day 02
ARRIVE & EXPLORE LA PAZ • 11,942' | 3,640M
Today we explore La Paz, visiting such attractions as the Witches Market (Mercado de Brujas) and the Mira Mira City Overlook. We will have an evening orientation meeting to prepare for the days ahead. Overnight in La Paz.
Day 03
COPACABANA • 12,600' | 3,840M
A morning bus ride brings us to the resort town of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the world's highest lake. We catch a boat from a nearby harbor to the Isla del Sol where we can enjoy the lake and explore the town. Overnight on the Isla del Sol
Day 04
ISLA DEL SOL • 12,800' | 3,901M
The island contains many ruins from the era of the Inca, which we will explore as we hike around the area, stretching our legs and lungs. then return to Copacabana and La Pa. Overnight on La Paz
Day 05
LA PAZ - CHIARKOTA LAGOON • 15,321’ | 4670M (CONDORIRI BASE CAMP) • 15,200' | 4,633M
From La Pa we will go by road to Rinconada, the gateway to the Condoriri group of mountains. Donkeys will be loaded with our gear and we’ll trek about an hour and a half to two hours to reach Laguna Chiar Khota (Black Lake) and its beautiful views of the cluster of thirteen peaks known as the Condoriri group. This will be where we will establish our base camp for the next several days of acclimatizing, skills review, and climbing. Overnight at Condoriri Base Camp
Day 06
We’ll climb Pico Austria. Pico Austria is a trekking peak and combines acclimatization with stunning views of the Cordillera Real, the Condoriri group, the altiplano, and even Lake Titicaca. Overnight at Condoriri Base Camp.
Day 07
We will attempt the climb of Pequeño Alpamayo (17,618 ft./5370 m); named for its resemblance to the famed Alpamayo of Peru. This climb follows one of the most aesthetic lines in Bolivia. We will climb the same glacier we visited for skills review and continue up to the rounded subsidiary Pico Tarija (17,060 ft./5200 m) before taking in the awesome view of our final objective, a striking sharp snow pyramid. In the final portion of the route, we’ll follow the airy exposed ridge to the summit. Overnight at Condoriri Base Camp (15,420 ft./4700 m)
Day 08
A leisurely morning hike from the Condoriri Base Camp will bring us back to Rinconada. From there, our transport will take us to Huayna Potosi Base Camp. Overnight at Refugio.
Day 09
BASE CAMP - REFUGIO LAS ROCAS • 16,830' | 5,130M
From the base camp, we’ll climb to the higher camp. We’ll hike following the aplomb part of the “morena” at first. We’ll then climb up one of its major slopes. We’ll enjoy the unique view of the Zongo valley. After two hours and a half of hiking, we’ll arrive at the refuge of the higher camp where we’ll stay overnight. Night at refuge
Day 10
HUAYNA POTOSI SUMMIT DAY (19,974') • 11,942' | 3,640M
To reach the summit, we’ll start our ascent at 3:00 am taking advantage of the solid land. We’ll enjoy a unique sunrise. The route includes a “pala chica” of 30 meters with a 50 degree slope. After that, we’ll follow flat paths and slope sections in order to reach the last sloping part of 45 degrees called “pala grande” which will take us to the summit. We’ll climb down following the same track to reach base camp and La Paz
Day 11
Today we relax and recover from previous summit attempts.  We will recharge and refuel as we prepare for our climb of Illimani, our last objective of the trip
Day 12
ILLIMANI BASE CAMP • 15,454' | 4,710M
We rise early in the morning and load our gear into 4x4's to approach Illimani. After traversing stunning mountain roads, we arrive in Pinaya where we hire mules to carry our gear to base camp
Day 13
NIDO DE CONDORES • 17,997' | 5,485M
After enjoying beautiful views of La Paz at night from our base camp, we pack up and climb to our high camp at the Condor's Nest (Nido de Condores). This high desolate perch affords us unparalleled views of the climbing route and breathtaking valleys below
Day 14
ILLIMANI SUMMIT DAY (21,122') • 15,454' | 4,710M
To reach the summit, we’ll start our ascent at 1:00 am. We’ll climb following crests located between rocky and icy parts on the edge of slopes and crevices. After reaching the part called “Escalera al Cielo” we’ll have to climb 45°/ 55° slopes. After this ascent, we’ll reach the edge of the crest which will take us to the summit. Descent using the same route towards Puente Roto base camp. Camping night
Day 15
In the morning, we’ll hike to the village of Pinaya where we’ll have lunch and return to La Paz by private car
Day 16
We transfer to the airport for morning flights back

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